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Director of Public Relations: opening at Chordiant.com - photographer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Director of Public Relations: opening at Chordiant.com [Feb. 20th, 2003|03:16 pm]
Сегодня наш HR прислал вакансию. Кому интересно -- это в Купертино, Калифорния. Если что, шлите мне резюме.

Director of Public Relations

This role will have responsibility for assisting in the development of Chordiant's PR strategy, communications plan and for the execution of the plan in order to meet specified objectives.

It is likely that the position will suit a highly motivated individual with 10 years experience in public relations with a good understanding of retail financial services and the application of technology in solving business problems. Wider experience in business to consumer PR would also be advantageous.

The role reports directly to the SVP for Marketing and has responsibility for:

PR Strategy & Plan
Assist in the ongoing development and refinement of the company PR strategy and take ownerhip for producing the PR plan.

Communications Calender
Develop, produce and communicate a communications calender for the company and associated agencies. Ensure that the Corporate calender reflects upcoming editorial calenders, relevant trade shows, industry events and other scheduled activities. Take responsibility for the successful execution of the calender with reference to stated objectives and metrics.

Conceive, design, pitch, write and place in relevant publications highly relevant content about our strategy, business intent, industry value, customer successes and company differentiation. Participate in evolving the company positioning, messaging, differentiation, value propositions and business benefits.

Media Relations
Continue to build and develop excellent relationships with key media professionals and commentators in our targeted publications. Ensure that they are briefed and educated on a regular basis as to Chordiant's strategy, direction and ongoing success. Create relevent and timely opportunities for Chordiant executives and spokes personnel to meet and interact with appropriate commentators.

Agency Management
Provide leadership for our selected domestic and international agencies by providing regular communcations, briefing them on strategy and corporate direction, product developments and other news, including press release schedules and executive calender opportunties.

Outreach, Coverage & Metrics
Moniter the success of the PR programs globally and drive the necessary outreach to achieve the required coverage in our targeted media. Communciate these successes through the various and most useful channels to relevant audiences and take steps to improve our PR activities as and when required. Seek to proactively engage journalists and commentators on industry, market, competitive and other topics to ensure a high profile for Chordiant in our chosen verticals.

Budget Management
Take ownership for the PR budget and manage this in a fiscally responsible manner. Strive to obtain value for spend and good return of investments through good management and lateral thinking - e.g. leveraging trade shows or partners to improve outreach and coverage.

The role will be based in Cupertino, California. Some travel will be required.