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позиция в Microsoft в Редмонде - photographer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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позиция в Microsoft в Редмонде [Apr. 11th, 2003|10:35 am]
Вакансия в Microsoft в Редмонде:

Get your hands in the money by joining the Subscription Platform Group as a member of the Billing Processing test team as a senior SDET. SPG develops and manages the Billing, Provisioning, and Partner Platform for all of Microsoft's subscription businesses. The next version of our service must scale to 50 million accounts. Our customers include MSN8, MSN Radio, MSN Mobile, Xbox Live, GameZone, and BCentral. We have dozens of external partners ranging from Qwest and Verizon through Best Buy and Radio Shack. We are the only conduit for the .NET subscription model and now we need to develop and ship a world class data warehouse for data mining. If you are looking for a big challenge and want to work on a critical component of Microsoft's future subscription business model, then you are a candidate SPG wants to meet. Core job responsibilities include but are not limited to: Designing and developing reusable code for test automation in C++/C# (must know C/C++ well), developing test plans and test cases, automating test cases, code coverage analysis, invariance validation, and working with development and program management to design features. Minimum requirements include at least 3 years experience in test or development for software products. Strong technical skills required in the areas of C++, C#.NET, operating systems internals, Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL. Education Requirements: B.S. in CS or EE (MS in CS preferred). SDET needs to be a developer who likes to test his/code. They will be writing code to test code, writing test harnesses, etc.

Если набор Ваших навыков, как он описан в резюме, совпадает с перечисленным, и интервью с людьми, испытывающими удовольствие показать Вам насколько Вы не вполне соответствуете своему резюме, Вас не пугает, можно писАть (и слать резюме) напрямую рекрутеру, которая срочно ищет кем-бы эту позицию там заполнить:

Valencia Reaves
Founder & CEO
GILLIS Technology Consultants LLC
301-947-0300 fax

[User Picture]From: dozen_son
2003-04-11 03:41 pm (UTC)


А который из Редмондов? А то в mapquest нашлось 6 штук, и ни одного в Калифорнии ;-) И где находится сама recruiter? Имеет ли смысл посылать ей резюме, если она не в Калифорнии. И можно ли на Вас сослаться? Большое спасибо. Можно писать мне на e-mail, если Вам так удобнее (dozen_son@hotmail.com)
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[User Picture]From: bubnov
2003-04-11 05:53 pm (UTC)

Re: Recruiter

Redmond в штате Вашингтон
рядом с Сиэтлом
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