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Late hours conversation with internet provider [Jun. 24th, 2003|09:06 pm]
I had fun. A lot of fun...

Anthony: Hello, we have received the following information from you, upon entering this session:

Operating System: Win 2000
Email Client: Outlook Express
Computer Type:no brand
Processor Speed: Greater than 1Ghz
Ram:Greater than 512MB
Modem Type:have no idea
Modem Speed:DSL
Browser:Internet Explorer 6.x

How can we assist you today?
me: Ooops. Anthony, have you received my question about dail-up?
me: I've got DSL at home. How could I use my account while traveling to connect through dail up?
me: Basically -- I need phone numbers to call with my dail-up modem, while I'll be in a hotel.
me: Anthony, are youy here?
Anthony: Yes. Please wait, while I look into your issue.
Anthony: You have two options.
me: What are they?
Anthony: First, you can use manual dialer and get access numbers from "http://sbcyahoo.prodigy.net/openPhone/index.html".
Anthony: The second option is to download our dial-up connection manager. In this software, access numbers are automatically downloaded.
Anthony: Wait a minute.
Anthony: Our records indicate that you have still not upgraded your account to SBC Yahoo!
me: Why should I?
Anthony: The link and the software are both available to only upgraded accounts.
me: Is it asking me about access numbers for the State where I will be? Or -- for where my residence is?
Anthony: For upgrading your account, please visit http://sbc.yahoo.com/caredslactivate.
me: I asked once somebody in SBC global to explain me what for I should upgrade and never heard anything reasonable. I'm satisfied with my current service 100%. Why should I upgrade?
Anthony: Okay. In that case, you can use the link that I have earlier provided.
me: So -- you also don't know the reason for upgrade. Good.
Anthony: I do and can give you lots of them.
Anthony: Please wait, while I arrange them.
me: Name one.
Anthony: You get 25 MB of space for your e-mail.
Anthony: You get bigger space for your Yahoo! briefcase and Yahoo! Photos.
me: I've got about enough at all my web-sites.
me: I have no idea what is Yahoo briefcase, live without it for awhile
me: and probably can live :)
me: What else?
Anthony: Yes, Yuri, but there are things that we can never estimate until we use it.
me: Like what?
Anthony: Like Yahoo! Briefcase and Yahoo! Photos.
me: I've got unlimited space for images at fotki.com, and keep there about 6GB already. Why should I look for more at Yahoo?
me: If Yahoo still not communicated to me what their briefcase is helpfull for, I probably don't need it. Or I'm wrong?
Anthony: It is certainly up to your wish to use it.
me: Can you explain what it is in few words?
Anthony: You also get Yahoo! Premium services.
me: Which is -- what?
me: I could get as a reason if you say me -- my current service will be disontinued, and to have internet connection I MUST to sing up for something else.
Anthony: There are services, like Yahoo! Wallet, Yahoo! Star Games, which are paid services of Yahoo! but we provide our members free of cost.
me: I think there are problems with Yahoo marketing, if there is no clear message explaining their services. All I read and hear up to date doesn't look as something I need.
Anthony: Perhaps, you would like Yahoo! parental control feature.
me: Never thought about it. :)
Anthony: It is used for having control over children visiting porn web page.
Anthony: You can set up settings that will restrict them from entering chat web pages.me: I'd prefer to limit their using chat rooms.
me: It's not really bothering me that much.
Anthony: Further, you will get "Three Auctions and three Classifieds listings" in Yahoo! auctions.
me: Three -- each day?
Anthony: No.
Anthony: Total of three.
me: Which is equivalent of ~90 cents at ebay?
Anthony: You will get connection manager to connect to DSL.
me: What do I need it for? You see -- I'm talking to you right now -- that means I'm connected.
Anthony: The DSL Connection Manager monitors your DSL connection to ensure high-quality service and provides a connection interface for DSL. If the DSL connection stops working, the DSL Connection Manager diagnoses and resolves the connection problem automatically or presents instructions for manual resolution.
me: It stopped working twice during last 2.5 years. Both times few bottles of beer for my techy friend helped OK.
me: Anthony, thank you very much for the time you spent with me. Our conversation was such a fun. Do you mind if I publish it?
Anthony: Just a minute.
Anthony: Thank you for telling us that you had a hassle free connection for 2.5 years.
Anthony: I would recommend you to use our upgraded software. If you do not like the software, you can, of course, un-install it.me: You're welcome.
Anthony: SBC DSL connection Manager, SBC Yahoo! Dial Connection manager, SBC Yahoo! Browser.me: What software are you refering to?
Anthony: SBC Yahoo! browser is customized form of Internet Explorer.me: What the hell is Yahoo browser? Isn't MS Internet Explorer 6.0 enough for everyday life?
Anthony: You can have User Chooser page, where icons for your primary account and sub-accounts can be put. You will just need to click on the icon and you will be in your account's home page.
me: I did all the customisation I need already. What about publishing our conversation? Is Anthony -- your real name, or I've been talking to an excellent robot script?
Anthony: I am very much human like you, Yuri.
me: Thank you, Anthony.
Anthony: Thank you, Yuri.
Anthony: You are most welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
me: Won't you be punished for such a long conversation? Hope, not.
Anthony: Not at all.
Anthony: Please let me know, if you have any other issue.
Anthony: Its been only 37 minutes and 8 seconds to be exact.
me: No, I don't. Thank you for your help, and -- bye.
Anthony: With your contact today, it is possible that you will be selected to receive an on-line customer service survey. We would like to ask that you take time to answer these questions, so that we can review the quality of our agents and the services we offer.

Anthony: Again, thank you for choosing SBC Yahoo! Live Help.

[User Picture]From: ullr
2003-06-24 10:53 pm (UTC)
What is funny here is that I too got it as some sort of a robot, something like Ramona at www.kurzweilai.net.

But anyway you got the reason to upgrade: to got dial access phones database! :)
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