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во народ отрывается... - photographer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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во народ отрывается... [May. 24th, 2004|02:00 pm]
Вот отсюда, из интервью с мужиком, который сделал себе трепанацию черепа:

M: At school what were your main interests?
H: I had many interests: girls - I had twenty-five girlfriends when I was eleven...
M: When did you first take LSD?
H: In 1958, as a subject in a series of psychiatric experiments at the Psychiatric Department of the University Hospital in Amsterdam.
M: In January 1963 you had a daughter, whom you named Maria Juana. What were the reactions to that?
H: All sorts of hysterical nonsense. There were photographs of her, scandal articles, associations with orgies, declarations that my wife and I were not married etc.
M: Once you had decided to have the "third eye," what did you do?
H: One of the main reasons I wrote the scroll was to give the knowledge to the doctors. I visited about twenty professors, of psychiatry, anthropology, neuro-anatomy etc. and their reactions were without exception negative.
M: Then on January 6th, 1965, despairing of assistance from the medical profession, you operated on yourself?
H: I had planned originally to do it six months earlier, but my friends took away my tools and prevented me from operating.

M: So you had to conceal your intention the second time.
H: Yes. My wife knew I was going to do it, but no one knew when.

M: What tools did you use?
H: An electric drill, a surgical knife, and a hypodermic syringe for the local anesthetic.

M: How long did the operation take?
H: Three quarters of an hour

M: Was there any pain?
H: No.

M: Not even afterwards?
H: No.

M: How long was it before the wound healed?
H: Three days.

...Это я пошёл в гугл посмотреть на продавца на ибее, у которого собрался купить нечто.
(Продавец -- не тот, что голову себе дырявил, а тот, кто задавал вопросы. Ну, или -- его полный тёзка.)


[User Picture]From: skuzn
2004-05-24 02:15 pm (UTC)
покупал ты, я надеюсь, дрель?
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[User Picture]From: photographer
2004-05-24 02:21 pm (UTC)

пять баллов

Серёж, если ты хочешь воспроизвести это где-нибудь в виде забавной байки (типа: "знакомый покупал на ибее дрель, и в гугле узнал много интересного о продавце"), то пусть будет -- дрель. :)

Но на самом деле, конечно, нет. :)
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