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про ибейские программерские вакансии - photographer — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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про ибейские программерские вакансии [Jul. 2nd, 2004|04:53 pm]
из письма директора девелопмента:

As you are all out on your 4th of July parties – I want you all to remember 3 things.

1. Have Fun
2. Be Safe
3. We have lots of eBay job openings for Java and XSL Engineers and Engineering management

Here is exactly what you should say to your friends and friends’ friends and mention to any one you hear say TIVO or PS2:

“eBay Product Development builds the systems that handle 1.2 Billion page views/day, 200 Million Searches/Day, 25 Million emails/day, 10 million bids/day, 2 million listings/day and $85 million in merchandise/day. The eBay site searches damn close to the same number as google, we absolutely blow away NASDAQ in transactions and just won a “dukie” award at JavaOne for our use of Java technology.”

And for extra bonus points (the geeks that we want will love this data):
Peak 6.5 gps (gig per second) traffic
1.2 billion page views/day - A single page (view item) gets 239 million with average request time of 32 milliseconds
200 million searches/day – average response time is 208 milliseconds
6.5 billion SQL statements
8646 distinct database tables
2100 dynamic pages

Jr, Sr, and Staff Engineering level positions are open with 1-8 years Java or C++ Development experience. We’ve got 30+ openings in many groups including: Buying, Trust & Safety, JavaScript, International, XSL, CS, Search, Billing, TurboLister.

Please tell your new recruits to go to www.ebaycareers.com and look for Software Engineering – or send me the resumes directly and I’ll pass them along. Feel free to send this email along as well.

Thanks for your time and have a happy 4th of July.